I’m going to be happy

We told our bonus boys tonight that they will be adopted, and that getting adopted means they are moving from our home.  I have been dreading this conversation for months.  Their ages make it really hard to understand.  We made a social story to explain it all, and the adoptive parents sent us a bunch of pictures of their family/house/dog so we can look at them together each  night.  “Are they safe like you?”  Rabbit asked.  Yes.  They’re safe like us.  I wish they didn’t have to question that.  Monkey pointed at his bed in the picture and said “cozy.”  We told them it’s okay to be sad.  It’s okay to be excited.  It’s all okay.

“I’m going to be happy.  Right?”  He looks to us for this answer.  Foster care is hard.


One thought on “I’m going to be happy

  1. Thinking of all of you during this transition. Lots of love – and hope, and peace, and even joy to all of you this Christmas season.

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