A’s first day of snowboarding club was yesterday. This is the third year she has asked, and we finally said “yes.”  It is quite unstructured/unsupervised, and we were *so* far from being able to do that in the past.  When she asked this year, it surprised us that we were even considering it.  A really tangible measure of progress!!  She has never even snowboarded before, and we sent her off on a bus by herself to go do it.  That part wasn’t even really even on the radar- this child lived her first 7 years almost completely alone….surely she can figure out how to snowboard.

When she got home, I asked how she did.  “I was terrible,” she said.  “But I have grit.”  I laughed at the cuteness of the uncommon word choice, but I have been pondering it since.  Grit.  Yes…if there is one thing she has, it is most certainly grit.

My sisters passed on this amazing journal idea, “Just between us”  (A no-stress, no-rules journal for girls and their moms).  It has been a great attachment tool for us – we write back and forth to each other.  Sometimes silly, superficial things, and sometimes hard things.  Tonight I wrote to her about her grit.  About how astounded I was, even when I’m louder about other things sometimes, about her CHOICE to be kind and happy despite insanely terrible circumstances.  Her work ethic.  Her resilience.   Her smile.  Her GRIT.

She always writes back immediately.  She wasn’t in the mood to “go there” tonight (and I wouldn’t share it anyway), but she wrote back a simple – “I love you Mom.”