There are supposed to be four ninja turtles.

We found out we are expecting another addition about a week before we finalized the adoption.  I know, I know, you probably think we are crazy.  You’re probably right.  We also really love kids and have known we wanted a big family since we were dating in high school!  By the time the baby comes, we will have had the older two for two years.  Alyssa will be just turning 9, Jacob 7, and Jax 5.  Let’s do this!

They all decided to be ninja turtles for Halloween, and they have been complaining that they are missing the fourth turtle.  We wrapped up a newborn ninja turtle onesie and had them guess what it means.  “For Tegan?”  asked Alyssa.  Tegan is a cat.  Umm…no.  We try not to make a habit of dressing our cats up.  “OH!  DALEY!” Jacob excitedly blurted out.  Daley would be our other cat.  “Jersey!?” asked Jax?  While that one made slightly more sense, as we do have a tendency to dress the dog up like a lion, I am not sure our giant goldendoodle could fit in a newborn outfit.  Might be worth trying later, though, if we get bored.

A few hints had them onto the concept that it was for a baby.  “What do you think that means?” we asked.  I could see the wheels turning…and Alyssa excitedly announced, “we’re adopting a baby!”  I LOVE that adoption is so darn normal that it just didn’t occur to the kids that wouldn’t be the case.   We talked about adding to our family as a unit, so I was surprised this was quite so confusing!  The overall reactions were: Alyssa = ECSTATIC!  She is greatly hoping baby will be born on her birthday.  Jacob = moderately excited.  Jax = looked at us like we were insane circus clowns.  He adjusted very smoothly to OLDER siblings, but I have a feeling that losing his “baby” status might be slightly traumatic!

In the grand scheme of things, we are a very “normal” family very excited to add on!  Sometimes, we are reminded that we have all re-negotiated what we know about the world.  A few days ago, Jax yelled at me that I was “mean” when I put vegetables on his plate.  Much to my surprise, his siblings became very upset.  They did some education for him on what “mean” parents actually look like, how kids with mean parents end up in foster care, and how he should be thankful that he has parents that feed him healthy food.  Wowza.  I think he’s pretty darn lucky to have siblings to teach him about the world, and I am grateful on a daily basis for these experiences….the ones people “warned” us about.

Much love to you all.